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Our window experts know the latest products in the market, and will make sure your improvement project is everything you wanted it to be.

Window Installation

Why Vinyl Windows?

Vinyl is the best choice when it comes to windows and doors, as they will never rot or require endless repainting, never pitting or flaking like aluminum. Our Simonton vinyl windows and doors are made from the highest quality vinyl and require little to no maintenance, are energy efficient, and add value to your home.

Benefits of vinyl windows/doors:

  • →  Increased Comfort
  • →  Easy Operation
  • →  Weatherability
  • →  Energy Efficiency
  • →  Low Maintenance
  • →  Added Home Value

Glass Options

The right selection of glass for your windows or doors is key to saving energy and keeping your home comfortable. We offer a wide variety of glass options which all promote year-round thermal performance and energy savings.

Insulating Glass Units

Dual pane windows consist of two pieces of glass with air or gas between the two panes to create a sealed unit. Come in ¾", 7/8", or 1" widths.
Triple pane glass features a single strenghth pane of glass surrounded by two double strength panes, creating a 1" insulating glass unit.
Impact resistant laminated glass consists of a durable interlayer between two layers of glass, offering increased UV protection, energy savings, safety, and sound proofing.

UV Protection Windows

Low E Coated Glass

Low E coatings reflect IR light, keeping the home warm in winter and cool in summer. It can also reducing fading of furniture, artwork, and flooring inside by helping to block UV rays. ProSolar® soft coat Low E glass helps maintain the temperature, while ProSolar» Shade blocks UV rays, while still allowing some light into the home.

Gas Fill

Odorless, colorless, non-toxic gases can be used to fill in the insulating glass unit, providing greater insulation than regular air. Argon is six times denser than air, and it helps to reduce temperature transfer when used between glass panes in insulating glass units. Krypton gas is even denser, and it maximizes energy efficiency and reduces temperature transfer even more.

Spacer Systems

These keep a window and door's glass panes the correct distance apart; designed to reduce heat transfer at the edge of the insulating glass unit. The Intercept® spacer system has a U channel design, keeping glass warmer, and flexing and contracting for reduced seal failure. The Supercept™ spacer has a U channel design, but is made of a stainless steel alloy, giving it increased durability and thermal efficiency. The Super Spacer» is made of non-metallic foam, and is non-conductive and provides a tight seal, increasing energy efficiency.

Colors & Grids

Window PatternsWe have a variety of colors, styles, patterns and grids for you to choose from, to coordinate with your home's architecture and design. Just Doors offers interior and exterior colors and laminates for you to browse through, including white, tan, driftwood, maple, antique cherry, contemporary oak, amber oak, and honey oak, to brick, bronze, chocolate, cream, and pine. With our grid options, you can choose from flat white and sculptured white (available in other colors as well), and pick from the patterns of colonial, cross, diamond, perimeter, prairie, and victorian.

Window Hardware

Express your home's own unique style with a quality piece of window hardware. From cam locks to lift rails, to pull stiles, lift handles, and crank handles, we have all the window hardware you need for any type window or style.

Please contact us if you would like more information.

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